Hugo Nominees

2011’s Hugo nominees are official. See them here.

I must admit to not being familiar enough with all the material to have the right to opinions. Of course, I have opinions anyway, and—of course—I’m going to share them here.

I’ve read only one of the novels on the best novel list, and every novel nominated must be better than A Dance with Dragons, and I speak as a fan of  The Song of Ice and Fire.

I do know a few of the graphic stories, the “Fables” series (I’ve read the one nominated) and the Lock & Key series (I have not yet read the one nominated). I like both series and can recommend them, but can’t say much about who I think should win.

Long form dramatic presentations are mostly things I have seen. I expect “Game of Thrones” is a shoo-in, but you just never know with something as mass-appeal as “Hugo.”

I’m a little surprised that three out of the five short dramatic presentations are “Doctor Who” episodes. I don’t know if it says something about the Hugo nominators or something about what’s out there. Still, if Gaiman doesn’t win, I’ll be surprised. “The Doctor’s Wife” was a great episode… and he’s Neil Gaiman.

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