Hello world!

My blog. Brand new. I’m here to write about writing, world building and—of course—the agonies of trying to get published. My friends and family are tired of hearing about my queries, my synopses and my angst. Let’s see if I can make anyone else tired of all that too.

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I have to admit I’ve always been a writer. I always made up stories. I remember as a little girl, lying in my mother’s bed. Her sheets were printed with brown roses (it was the 70’s–everything was brown) and I was struck by their brown-ness. I made up a story about an enchanted princess who was trapped in a field of roses that were all brown and she could not be freed until some prince came and returned the roses to their true colors. Can’t say I remember how he did it, but he did. All my stories when I was little ended happily.

  2. The bulk of my work as a child was fairytales. I wrote them and then illustrated them. I don’t know if they exist anymore, sadly. I can’t say what it would look like now. I’m so much more cynical!

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