No, I haven’t discovered something, sadly.

No, it’s the new season of Eureka.┬áThe last season of Eureka, sadly.

And then I watched the first episode. I was shocked. I was appalled; I was dismayed. Sadly.

What had happened to the writers of my beloved show? Had they all started huffing Liquid Paper? Had they been replaced with the writers of the former soap All My Children? Had they forgotten their characters’ personalities? Had they decided to protest the cancellation of the show by writing a full season of crap? I was mad. I was hopping mad and I am not a woman you want to see hop, sadly.

Then the last two minutes of the show saved everything. Better than saved everything. Made everything that had come before just right, happily.

I’ll miss Eureka, but after 4 seasons, I am so happy that they were still able to surprise me. If you’re a fan like me, I’d say it looks promising. If you’ve never seen the show, this season may not be for you. It’s already calling back to so much previous knowledge of character and situation. Nonetheless, Eureka is such a delight that you may want to catch up with the past four seasons and ride it out in its last wave of glory.

Do tell me in the comments what you thought of the first episode!