Polishing a Manuscript

Well here’s an interesting article about polishing your final manuscript.

I agree with much that’s here, but not everything. I do however, believe that any manuscript can benefit from going through this process.

Do you have to replace every adverb you find? Absolutely (<—- adverb)┬ánot! Should you examine each one and make sure it’s doing something that you actually (<— another one! the sneaky little bastards are everywhere) need. When I was polishing my manuscript I went through with a search for ‘ly.’ I removed most of them, in particular almost every appearance of ‘completely,’ ‘really,’ and qualifiers like ‘apparently.’ Don’t use ‘suddenly’ unless you are certain it’s really sudden. But sometimes you need an adverb. They exist for a reason.

On other hand, some of the words that have been suggested ought to be removed, I don’t know. ‘Seemed’ is a great word when you’re dealing with a limited 3rd person point of view. Your pov character can’t know some things for certain. But again, be 100% you want that word. It can be weak if not used precisely (<—- adv– okay, yeah, you get it).

The rest of the advice is spot on. Honestly (<— oh, nevermind).