Queries Out!

Well, that’s 13 queries sent. Good thing I’m not superstitious! The earliest I can expect to hear from anyone is 2 weeks, the longest 3 months (at least from those who posted a time at all). I don’t think I can keep my fingers crossed for 3 whole months!

Anyone I haven’t heard from within 3 months, I’ll have to assume it’s a rejection. It has become fairly common in the industry to use non-response as a rejection. In a way, I like it better than a rejection letter. Rejection letters are tough to read, even though they’re usually form letters.

Ah well, the long wait begins. Time to keep myself distracted by planning my Nano novel.

Synopsis is done.

At least, I think it is. Ideally the synopsis would be fewer than 1000 words. Sadly, I simply could not manage it. I whittled it down to 1600 words or so, and then thought I needed everything that was left. I had to cover all salient points, clarify my MC’s emotional responses, mention all important characters and try to evoke my writing style too! All that and it needs to stay interesting. Well, I think I did it, but I grabbed 600 extra words. We’ll see.


Here it comes: Nanowrimo! The craziness in which you (or at least I) try to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Yes, 1700 words a day for 30 days. It’s madness.

It’s also wonderful. It’s a way to turn off your inner editor. You don’t have time to agonize over just the right word. You don’t have time to rewrite one sentence over and over. You don’t have time to change your mind about the course of the story and dump pages of work. In other words, you can’t procrastinate.

Yes, perfectionism is procrastination, at least in writing. It’s an excuse that prevents you from moving forward. I love Nano. It changed my life. It stopped my procrastination. It made me write without looking back. It made me write.

Do it if you dare!

Hello world!

My blog. Brand new. I’m here to write about writing, world building and—of course—the agonies of trying to get published. My friends and family are tired of hearing about my queries, my synopses and my angst. Let’s see if I can make anyone else tired of all that too.